Big bug with striped butt

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Yucca Moth Stretching beyond the Southwest and Mexico, Yucca Moths are little angels to the plants they happen to feed on. Parson Spider A houseguest like the black and white Parson Spider is a blessing to some and a bother to others. Widow Skimmer Widow Skimmers are large and slow, making them great for observers to study. Ant Mimic Spider If the appearance the Ant Mimic Spider isn't enough to fool prey, then its clever behavior certainly helps accelerate mealtime. Braconid Wasp Tiny female Braconid Wasps have mastered the art of child rearing thanks to long ovipositors. Oleander Aphids The tiny Oleander Aphid is a huge pest for ornamental flowers thanks to fast breeding and fast development. Giant Ichneumon Wasp The intimidating female Ichneumon Wasp has a tremendously long ovipositor that is used for egg-laying, not for stinging. Banded Woollybear Caterpillar Moth The incredibly bristly Banded Woollybear Caterpillar is a bit slow on the move, allowing observers plenty of time to look, but be sure not touch. Small House Fly Small House Flies are annoying because they are attracted to food and toilets, but their affinity for corpses makes they quite useful to Forensic Entomologists.


I'm glad to see Kylie Jenner finally drop the act and admit she's just a gheto whore.


wow she ruined herself


What's the original name of the movie ?

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